Students are nervous working the front lines of the pandemic.

By Rohan Patel ( Patel is a producer for The Campus Ledger.


JCCC students who work at grocery stores are definitely impacted by this pandemic. Here are some words from those students.  

(Paras Marwaha) “I work at Walmart as a floor associate. My job is to help customer to find item and the product they are looking for, nowadays I feel risky to work here because I have to talk to customer and do interact with them. I don’t want my family to get infected because of me because of me. Because of coronavirus I have missed a lot of work and will continue tools if it would not be under control.”  

(Ankush Thakur) “I’m current Associate at Walmart. My job title is a personal shopper, a personal shopper is who picks grocery for customer orders online. Due to the coronavirus I feel really scared working at Walmart because of some times you can’t really find if somebody have coronavirus and due to that my job required to pick stuff from whole Walmart so there’s a slightly chance that if a customer had a positive test of coronavirus and he comes to Walmart and he can touch the places and if i touch that place, i might get infected and due to that i feel really scared working at Walmart right now because I don’t want to go home and infect my whole family so I will say stay at home and be safe.” 

From the Campus Ledger, this is Rohan Patel.  



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