Changes to Finals Amidst COVID-19

By Zion Lang ( Lang is a producer for the Campus Ledger. This is his second semester at the college. He enjoys reading, playing complex board games and participating in theater productions with friends.


Finals week is approaching for JCCC students. This often stressful and busy time is further complicated by the fact that, during this spring, the JCCC campus is closed. Recently I talked with Colby Keslar, a mathematics department JCCC professor, about the changes he has had to make in his classes to allow Finals to continue.

(Keslar) “So the way the math department does finals is—the finals are—for all the classes are made by the department. So, there’s kind of a universal standard set of questions.”

Professor Keslar gave an example of how the finals in his classes are planned to work.

(Keslar) “Finals are supposed to be an hour and 50 minutes long. So, you’ll have that hour and 50 minutes to do your final. But you need to utilize that hour and 50 minutes within like a starting time of a three-hour window or something like that.”

Jada Saville, a JCCC student, also shared how Finals were changing in her classes.

(Saville) “Originally, I believe I would have had finals in four out of six of my classes. It has changed quite dramatically. Now I’m down to only two finals. I have a final for my government class, and then I have a final for my trig class. But they’re not quite the same as like your normal typical finals for math classes. Like normally like the whole department makes a final, but I guess this semester they’re not doing that, so my trig teacher has created her own final for us.”

Finals have changed in other ways as well. Some teachers have elected to make their exams open note and book, for example. Having Finals online is a new experience for many students and teachers.

(Keslar) “It’s just going to be interesting to see. How the final exams go, because we’ve never done anything like this. Nobody’s ever done anything like this.”

(Saville) “I hope everyone takes it easy on themselves and does well in finals week.”

From the Campus Ledger, I’m Zion Lang.



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