Healthy recipes to get you into the fall spirit

By Sidney Henkensiefken ( Henkensiefken is a staff photographer for the Campus Ledger. This is her third semester at the Ledger, and she joined to continue her passion for photography. Henkensiefken loves talking about politics, hanging out with her friends and being with her family.

Being a college student leaves little time and money for cooking. So, here are some easy dishes to put together quickly. For the first meal we have stuffed peppers (recipe courtesy of For this recipe you will need: 4 bell peppers, 1 tsp. extra-virgin olive oil, 2 garlic cloves, grated, 2 jalapeños, diced, more for topping, if desired, 2 scallions, chopped, 1 tsp. lime zest, 1½ tablespoons lime juice, 1 tsp. cumin, 1 tsp. coriander, 1 tsp. cayenne, 1 tsp. sea salt, ½ cup finely chopped cilantro, 3 cups cooked white jasmimine rice,   1½ cups cooked black beans, drained, 1½ cups white cheddar cheese and rinsed, and 1½ cups corn kernels.


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