Student senate Oct. 6 meeting

By Yohannes Girma ( Girma is a reporting correspondent for the Campus Ledger. This is his fourth semester at the college. He enjoys writing on his free time and hang out with friends. He also loves soccer.

Photo illustration by Gracyn Shulista.

Student senate had a General Assembly meeting Monday, Oct. 6. Important topics that were brought up were upcoming projects and recap of other committees.

Fundraising and PR committee will start working on the JCCC Gives Project. JCCC Gives is a student lead program that gives back to staff and faculty members for the holidays.

Sailor Usher, president of student senate, went to The Foundation Board Committee meeting (separate from student senate) and wrote their accomplishments-

  • They gave 1.4 million in scholarship, which is a record. COVID-19 fund was successful, and the asset of the college is almost back to what it was.
  • Given away 5600 hundred gifts
  • Given 2.6 million for JCCC projects
  • Science labs equipment are planned to be shipped to the students who enroll in them
  • Beyond Bound, an auction fundraiser for Nerman Museum will be held online

Since Clubs and Orgs can’t meet, interclub has been brainstorming in students engaged. Student Senate do not want clubs to be limited by money, want clubs to collaborate in this difficult time.

Anna Turney made these announcements about events taking place at the college. The blood Drive took place Oct. 5 to Oct. 9. Alexandra Catalano, a social media influencer and nutritionist, will be a guest for a leadership Workshop on Wednesday.



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