Newly reopened fitness center allows students to stay safe and active

By Mariana Figueroa ( Figueroa is one of the Staff Reporters at The Campus Ledger. This is her third semester at the college. She enjoys taking pictures and writing political stories. She spends most of her time playing soccer here at JCCC.

The fitness center has closed some workout equipment to be able to follow the 6 feet apart protocol. Photo by Mariana Figueroa.

The college fitness center is trying to make a healthy lifestyle available and safe for students. Since the gym is one of the places you have more contact with people cleaning and safety measures during this pandemic needed to change.

“We are cleaning and disinfecting around the clock for students and faculty to stay safe,” Burt Walker, fitness center supervisor, said. “We close the gym from 10:30 a.m. – 11 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.- 4 p.m. from Monday through Sunday for deep cleaning and disinfecting. Every person in the gym is also required to use a face mask throughout the entire time and it is also required to disinfect the equipment they workout with after they are done using it while keeping in mind the six feet apart rule.”

The college is trying to keep student involvement alive in places like the gym by having a safe environment to workout at and implementing new rules for students to follow during this pandemic.

“I feel like they are doing a great job with the safety measures at the gym, it makes me feel like I can simply go and be there without worrying too much about if it’s clean or not,” student Kevin McGuire said. “We all need to help and try to keep it clean, but it is great to still be able to work out in the college and having a clean environment to do so.”

The gym is open to every student and member of the college at the available hours.

“Faculty is the one using the gym more lately and people that work on campus, students are not seen around here as much anymore,” Walker said. “It is busier in the mornings at 11 a.m. and sometimes at 4 p.m. We don’t have anything available online for students right now. However, we are going to start to work on it.”

The fitness center is working hard to keep students involved and rescue student life. Even though online training is not available, they are keeping up with all the safety measures.

“I have been to the gym a couple of times during the semester and even though it is uncomfortable to train with a face mask on it is what keeps people safe and healthy,” student Arturo Rodriguez said. “I think is a perfect opportunity for students to come a train because it is not as crowded as other gyms around and it it’s also free for students you just need your student ID.”

The fitness center is going to be open for the rest of the semester for more information or if you have any questions visit



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