Eating healthy in college and on a budget

By Paige Winters ( Winters is a video producer for The Campus Ledger. This is her second semester at the college. She enjoys covering stories and events on campus through videography. She spends most of her time at local concerts, out with friends or with her dog.


While in college, eating healthy can seem expensive, but with the right tips you can save money while taking care of your body.

(Claudia Martin-Ayoade) “Learn to cook.” “A lot of times people give up because they get bored, so if you want to keep it exciting all the time then you need to try different foods. So, you want to incorporate quinoa, different grains, buck or wheat, plan your based on maybe some of the things that are on sale.”  

During quarantine, students such as Keehli Campbell, have had time to try out some new recipes just in time for the fall weather.  

(Campbell) So today, I’m going to be making apple and zucchini chips. All you need for this is butter, olive oil, salt, an apple, a zucchini, some cinnamon, and some paprika but the seasonings can be substituted for what you like best. Before we start, preheat the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and make sure to wash your fruits and vegetables. Now we can start chopping up the zucchini into slices and as we do put them on a paper towel to get out some of the moisture. Lightly brush on some olive oil, add your spices, I used salt and paprika. Set that aside and start to core your apple for the apple chips. Make sure to use a small knife for this if you don’t have a cookie cutter. Once the core is out start slicing the apple into thin slices. If you used a knife, you may have cuts in the apple slices, but it won’t affect how they taste. Butter the baking pan and add your preferred spices, I love using cinnamon especially for this time of the year. Put both of these in the oven and turn the apple chips over after half an hour. Depending on how thick the slices are the apple chips should be crispy and done after another 30-50 minutes in the oven. The zucchini chips don’t need to be flipped just keep checking to see if they are crispy after around an hour to two hours. Make sure to let them cool and enjoy!” 

Not only does picking out ingredients contribute to healthy eating, but variety in your meals also matter.

(Martin-Ayoade) “Your body needs those things, again, have more variety, we always talk about eat the rainbow so the more colorful your plate the more opportunity you have to get the nutrition you need.” “For students on the program that’s one of the things I did for them, was to send them recopies every week that was budget friendly, that was easy for them especially given the fact that there was lines at grocery stores and some people were going to pantries.”

Reporting from The Campus Ledger, this has been Paige Winters. 



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