Spooky stories from around Kansas

By Paige Winters (pwinter6@jccc.edu). Winters is a video producer for The Campus Ledger. This is her second semester at the college. She enjoys covering stories and events on campus through videography. She spends most of her time at local concerts, out with friends or with her dog.


Happy Halloween! And welcome to a spooky edition of The Campus Ledger. Today I am joined by ghost story enthusiast, Hannah Debok. We’re going to tell and rate some ghost stories around Kansas. 

(Debok) “So, our first spooky story for Halloween revolves around a Stephen King novel that was made into a movie, it’s called, In the Tall Grass. So, basically it all just revolves around this one rock that is in the middle of a cornfield in Kansas and this rock has like, special power. People go up and touch the rock. In essence they become blood hungry demons. They become captivated by the grass and they try to pull other people into the grass to go and touch the rock. I am going to give this story and five out of 10 on the spooky meter.”

Six out of 10 spookies for this story. 

This next place we are going to talk about is one of the most haunted places in the country, called the Sallie House. The Sallie House started growing ominous around 1993, when a young couple moved in and their dog started growling at nothing and would growl at the nursery upstairs.

(Debok) “Don’t like that” 

No. Things started to take a violent turn when fires randomly broke out and attacks started happening on the husband. The husband would wake up with scratches on his back.

(Debok) “This sounds like a serious case of a haunting.” 

You can actually spend the night there for $125 a person.

(Debok) “I don’t know if I would be more mad if I went and saw nothing, or if I went and saw everything…I’m going to give this house, eight out of 10 spookies.”

I am also going to give it a passionate eight out of ten spookies.

For the next story it’s called Theorosa’s Bridge. This Kansas wagon was going down this road, that’s how they traveled. And this mother had her baby, and the baby got kidnapped during an attack. There have been multiple occasions where cars going on the bridge have just stalled, people who claim to hear crying at night under the bridge or even see like an apparition of her.

Me and Vivian to the crybaby bridge, like by us, I’ll tell you how it goes we’ll see if my car stalls.

(Vivian Winters) “So, I’ve just heard like people, like cars will stop on the bridge and get out and they’ll try to figure out what’s wrong with their car or something and apparently they just hear little kids I don’t know, some people have seen little kids.”

(Winters) “I mean I could definitely see if being haunted, it doesn’t look as scary during the day, but I feel like if you were to come here during night, it would definitely be scary.”

Honestly, I think I’m going to give this one three out of 10 spookies.

(Debok) “Since you said you’ve done it multiple times and nothing has ever happened, I’m going to give it four.”  




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