Explore the World with the international education department


Although travel is out of the question due to Covid, the international Education department at JCCC is giving students an opportunity to continue learning about the world. 

(Janette Jasperson) “Just because we can’t travel right now just because the borders are closed in some ways it’s a little bit of a gift for our office because honestly most of our students will never study abroad.” So, this kind of gave us a time to reset and to think how to reach out to other students that for whatever reason wouldn’t travel and so one of the ways that we came up with was to have this series where we bring in. JCCC travelers or JCCC immigrants from other countries talking about other countries so we kind of get to vicariously travel through other people.

Joining these sessions is as easy as RSVP’ing on the Explore the World website where each week new speaker with ties to that country comes on to talk.

(Claire Cox) “The people, the speakers, and you know, the host everyone it’s just kind of an open participation listen to these presentations and hear what they have to say and learn a little bit and afterwards it’s a really open discussion asking questions. So, it’s really easy to be involved and participate in this event so it’s very open and very comfortable.” 

In this globalized world we live in, we will always be exposed to new cultures and areas of the world that influence us every day.

(Jasperson) “I mean the Super Bowl halftime show act he is Canadian, and his family are Ethiopian immigrants to Canada and he’s singing in the United States, so he’s got those three different cultures all going at once I mean it’s just, you’re going to be affected by it in some way.” 

(Cox) Coming from such a small rural perspective of the world it’s really just refreshing and very interesting to learn like a global perspective from other people who have had global experience maybe they have some sort of global or international career and it just kind of opens your eyes to all the possibilities and everything that’s out there.” 

Reporting from The Campus Ledger, this has been Paige Winters. 



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