College students are getting their stimulus checks

By Mariana Figueroa ( Figueroa is one of the staff reporters at The Campus Ledger. This is her third semester at the college. She enjoys taking pictures and writing political stories. She spends most of her time playing soccer here at the college.

The third stimulus check has been approved and will extend to adult dependents this time. Students were thrilled to hear about this but still question whether the check will be enough to get them through this pandemic. Phoot by Mena Haas.

The 1.9 trillion-dollar stimulus bill had the stamp of approval, making the third stimulus check something you could hope to see in your bank account or mail. From adult dependents to independent young adults, this third stimulus check has been granted to many students this past week. Some of which think this quantity is enough and some who think the quantity given out to students is unfair and barely enough to keep their heads above the water.  

“The government has provided us with a great resource to fill in the gaps that the past year has created,” Said Henrique Pavan student. “There are some countries in which students or families do not even get the monetary support from the government as we do. I think that most Americans who have received this $1,400 check should be grateful for it, instead of asking for more.”  

Pavan shares the opinion of many Americans that feel like the government has provided enough help to their citizens with the three stimulus checks that have been provided throughout this pandemic. However, other students have shared that is barely helping them at all and that the amount of money of these checks should be higher. 

“I was unemployed for almost six months after the pandemic started and this third stimulus check barely keeps my head above the water,” student Tanise Williams said. “I used to be a barista, but the coffee shop I worked at closed. I was unemployed and a student at the same time. Trying to pay my bills and my college tuition for six months without a job put me in a rough spot with debt. This stimulus checks they have been giving out are helpful, but this pandemic left a much bigger monetary whole in my life than a $1,200 check.”  

For students like Williams, this check does not help to cover all the debt they have acquired in the past year. All over the country voices have been raised for higher stimulus checks in the future. These petitions have not yet been heard by the government. However, this third stimulus check is including dependent adults, something people were fighting for the last past checks.   

This third stimulus check is being sent to young adults claimed as dependents on their parents’ taxes. Becoming these the first time that dependents are going to be included in the checks. However, this check will arrive at the hands of the person that claims each young adult as a dependent not the dependent itself.  

“As a dependent I felt a bit excluded by the government whenever they gave out these stimulus checks,” Abigail Logan, student, said. “I have a job and I live outside of my parents’ house. They do help me cover some of my bills. However, I felt independent because I cover a decent amount of them. I am glad that this time dependents got included because it does help relieve a burden from your parents and for yourself.”   

Dependents are eager to receive their first stimulus checks and use it., There are other students that have already received their checks and invested them on future or education.  

“I received my check on March 17t” Cielo Rivera, student, said. “As soon as I woke up, I looked at my phone and I had a notification from a bank deposit. I was thrilled to receive it. I immediately paid all my credit card debt and saved a portion of it in my savings account to pay for the college I am transferring to next semester.”  

This third stimulus check is going to be received by a broad number of students these weeks to come. For some this check is going to be an incredible gift from the government. For others it is going to be a limited help provided to cover some of their immense acquired debt.    


By Mariana Figueroa   



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