Student Lounge hosts Beat Saber tournament

A student participates plays the highly rated rhythm game, Beat Saber, in the Student Lounge. Photo by Silas Lohr.

The Student Lounge hosted a Beat Saber tournament in COM 322, on Sept. 15. The lounge offers multiple video game consoles, a pool table and a ping pong table and is set up for students to mingle and hang out. The Beat Saber Tournament brought students together to game, compete and enjoy free refreshments.

Beat Saber is a virtual reality (VR) rhythm game where players use a headset to visualize and control the sabers movement with the VR Touch Controllers. The goal of the game is to slash oncoming blocks to the beat of a song. In total, 18 JCCC students participated in the Beat Saber tournament. The Beat Saber Tournament champion was Alex Nice. 

“[Playing Beat Saber] creates a challenge,” Nice said. “It’s fun to learn the patterns and techniques needed to complete [the challenge].” 

Several players said that they play Beat Saber for the challenge and that it is a good way to exercise. 

The Beat Saber tournament was established in Spring 2022. 

“We did a Beat Saber tournament last semester and had a pretty good turnout,” Jesse Gordon, student life ambassador, said. “We heard good feedback from the students.” 

The Student Lounge plans to hold more tournaments in the semester. Stay on the lookout on JCCC’s Get Involved website for these upcoming tournaments: 

  • Kickball on Sept. 29
  • Fighting games on Oct. 6
  • Flag football on Oct. 20
  • Mario Kart on Nov. 3
  • Volleyball on Nov. 10

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