JCCC hosts Annual Fall Festival

JCCC hosts Fall Festival, an annual outdoor celebration of fall, fun, and food on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2022. Photo by Tracy Q, photo editor.

Students of Johnson County Community College get involved at the school’s annual celebration of the season, Fall Fest, Oct. 13. Fall Fest was held at COM Plaza with live karaoke from JCCC students, fun entertainment, and free snacks like popcorn and donuts, alongside free refreshments. 

The Fall Festival kicked off at the COM Plaza on Thursday, Oct.13, 2022. Photo by Emily Baker, staff photographer.

There were booths from Student Life, Student Basic Needs Center, Student Lounge, and Center for Sustainability. Student Life had fun game activities and prizes of a JCCC merchandise beanie and JCCC Merchandise mugs.

The Student Life booth passes out free mugs and beanies to participants. Photo by Tracy Q, photo editor.

There were activities such as decorating pumpkins, with paint, glitter, stickers, and more. Students explored creativity as they decorated their pumpkins. As well as bicycling energy powering smoothies. Students got to take a ride while making something delicious. 

Other activities there were karaoke; students got to choose the song they sang, and other students got a good laugh. 

“[Fall Fest] made it exciting to come to [campus] today,” Layla Isa said. 

Abby Rinehart, news editor



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