MSA hosts the Cultural Festival

MSA, LUNA, BSU and Bollywood Boulevard presents Cultural Festival to connect and bring student of diverse culture together.

JCCC’s Muslim Students Association hosted the Cultural Festival, Oct. 19, in collaboration with Latinos United Now and Always, Black Student Union, and Bollywood Boulevard. The organizations hosting the Cultural Festival, held in the Commons Atrium, displayed food, decorations and music from their cultures.

Alyssa Jimenez-Garcia, president of LUNA, described the purpose of the Cultural Festival. 

“It’s a celebration of all the different cultures at JCCC,” Jimenez-Garcia said. “It was a way to show students of all identities they’re appreciated, to feel validated for who they are.” 

Food and music from each club highlighted and presented aspects of their culture to the community.

“It’s important to have this event, to show different cultures,” Manasvi Patel, president of Bollywood Boulevard, said. “It’s just fun being able to show our religion, dance and food.”

Ephren Taylor, president of BSU, described the importance of collaboration between all these clubs. 

“It’s important we keep reaching out to each other,” Taylor said. “The struggles we have intersect. We have a common struggle.”

Being able to educate the community about all these cultures was a critical aspect of participating in the Cultural Festival, which Mariyam Shahab, president of MSA, wants to see grow in the future.

“This was the first time we were trying this,” Mariyam said. “There should be a cultural festival on a bigger scale, something like Fall Fest.”

MSA, LUNA, BSU and Bollywood Boulevard sought to shed light on diversity and make everyone feel included. Moving forward, they want to continue to show the different beautiful cultures here at Johnson County Community College. 

To learn more about the groups and similar events on campus, visit here

Victor Monterroza, volunteer reporter


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