Criminal justice club is improving legal system through hands-on educational activites

By Tracy Q, photo editor

The Criminal Justice Club is an organization that meets to “improve criminal justice learning through hands-on educational activities” on campus for students to learn more on the criminal justice system. 

Frank Galbretcht, club sponsor and department chair, explains the main purpose and activities the club partakes in to understand the criminal justice system from an educational standpoint, with in-depth information and opportunities to get real world experience.

“The club is important because it allows students to gain real-world information,” Galbretcht said. “It helps students see different parts of the criminal justice world and can help them decide what they would want to do with their future.”

There is not a normal structure to a meeting for the Criminal Justice Club, often the group has guest speakers, including experts in the field who bring real world presentations, or tours of historical criminal justice buildings in Kansas City.

“The Criminal Justice Club is important to the students of Johnson County Community College because it provides an overview of the profession and is a great way to build connections,” Galbretcht said. “Students involved get to experience presentations and tours regarding courts, policing, and corrections that are delivered by their respective professionals.” 

The club currently has 17 members, but some meetings have brought the number to 30. Club members and sponsors hope to bring in more members for next year.

“Students involved get to experience presentations and tours regarding courts, policing and corrections that are delivered by their respective professionals,” Galbretcht said. “This club is perfect for any student who wants to learn more about our criminal justice system or is pursuing a career within the field.” 

For more information, contact Galbretcht by email, Meetings are typically on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 2 p.m.

Libby Zuck, student reporter



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