An Alert at JCCC


On Monday, Feb. 6, campus police apprehended a male suspect who was previously issued a no-trespass on Jan. 31 in the Regnier Center. 

Chris Gray, vice president strategic communication and marketing, explains why this individual was issued a no-trespass.

“Prior to Monday, this individual was issued a no-trespass for eavesdropping,” Gray said. 

According to Gray, there were no recordings found on Jan. 31 or Feb. 6.

On Jan. 31, the suspect entered the women’s restroom, but was quickly escorted out by the JCCC police. 

Fast forward, on Feb. 6, the JCCC police picked up on the individual’s “suspicious” behavior and were later able to identify him as the same person from the previous incident. 

“At no given point was there a threat to campus on a safety standpoint,” Gray said, “it was essentially an individual who violated a notice that was sent to him.”

Despite there being no immediate threat, students and faculty all received a JCCC alert that described the incident in great detail. 

The alert read as follows;

“JCCC Alert:  Today, Monday February 6 JCCC police officers apprehended a male suspect for trespassing based on a previous encounter on January 31 in the Regnier Center for eavesdropping in a women’s restroom. The suspect is neither a student nor an employee of JCCC. He is being transported by police for the arrest and there is no current threat to the campus community. The safety and security of our students, faculty and staff is of utmost importance. As a reminder please be aware of your surroundings and if you notice anything suspicious please contact Campus Police at 913-469-2500.”

Gray describes the email’s purpose was to inform the general public of what happened, and leave no room for rumors.

“It served to push the facts,” he said, “if you push out a vague message, on the other spectrum you’re going to get a lot of speculation.”

Not only did the email serve to speak the truth, but also serve as a remainder to be aware of your surroundings.

“If you see something, say something,” he said. 

This is an on-going investigation that has been handed over to the Overland Park Police Department for a violation of a no-trespass ordinance.

Victor Monterroza, staff reporter





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