Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Students struggle in new environment

The United States unemployment rate continues to increase with a new record of 22 million Americans claiming unemployment. Across the globe, everyone is seeing COVID-19's effects on the economy. In...

Staying active at home


Students are nervous working the front lines of the pandemic.

JCCC students who work at grocery stores are definitely impacted by this pandemic. Here are some words from those students.   (Paras Marwaha) "I work at Walmart as a floor associate. My job is to help customer to find item and the product they...

The benefit of pets during isolation

Pets are beloved by millions of Americans as friends and companions. Having a pet has many benefits. Recently I talked with Tracy Lewandowski from...

Stay home, stay safe, stay six feet apart

Over the course of the past month, new words and phrases have become commonplace: mass gatherings, quarantine, isolation, unprecedented, pandemic. These are words that were rarely used before, and it can be...

Cav Report Live for April 15, 2020


Student resources during the pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the spring 2020 semester will be completed through Canvas. Faculty and students are working to adapt their courses to...

Cav Report Live for April 8, 2020


Mental health in quarantine

COVID-19 has completely transformed the world seemingly overnight. Business and restaurants have closed, schools have shut down and people have been told to stay home and...
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