Civic Leadership Program

I think we can all agree that one way to make yourself appealing to future employers is to build up your resume. But these days, it’s so hard to gain experience without experience! Sometimes the hardest part can be getting that first position in your field. A great way to get past that hump is to volunteer and do extracurricular activities, and the Community Based Learning department has rolled out a new program that can give you experience in both!

The Civic Leadership program has three parts: Service, Leadership, and Reflection.

Maybe you already volunteer and maybe you already participate in leadership activities on campus, then this program is for you! If you complete it, you will receive a certificate and a distinction on the graduation program. Not to mention experience for your resume!

Here are the basic requirements:


  • Complete a class with a service-learning requirement
  • Complete a total of 75 hours of community service in addition to that requirement.


In order to meet the leadership requirement students must acquire 1000 points by choosing between the options below:

  1. Taking the LEAD 130 class offered at JCCC (500) – the Spring 2018 CRN is 10747
  2. Holding an office of a student club or organization for an entire academic year (350)
  3. Attending a leadership conference or symposium (250)
  4. Completing the Cavalier Leadership Development Program (250)
  5. 125 points for completing one semester
  6. Coordinating a service or leadership related event (150)
  7. Observing a board meeting of a non-profit agency, city council or state legislature (150)


As the final component of the Civic Leadership Program, each student will enroll in an online course that requires journal entries and discussion to be evaluated by the Civic Leadership coordinator. The student will also be required to complete a final project which exemplifies and synthesizes the student’s civic experiences and development. Finally, students will create a poster for their capstone project to be shown at the Celebrate Service event at the end of the spring semester.


If you’re interested, shoot Tara Karaim an email at We’d love to have you!

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