Giving Opportunity!

The holidays are upon us. Are you looking for opportunities to give? Here is an amazing story that ended up in my inbox from the Phoenix Family organization:

Two years ago, Phoenix Family hosted its first Christmas Pajama Party at East Hills. It was an amazing day, donors like you brought games, food, and music to celebrate with each child. And, in addition, each child received a new pair of PJs. Every child rushed into the bathrooms to put them on, smiles lit up their face. When the party was wrapping up, Marcus approached one of our volunteers and held up his pajamas and said ‘here.’

You see, Marcus thought that, at the end of the party, he had to give back the pajamas that he wore, so they could be used at another party. When he was told that he could keep them, he hugged them, asking ‘they’re mine?’

For many of the kids that day, this was their first pair of pajamas. When money is so tight that you worry about paying for food, pajamas are often the last thing on a parent’s list. Most of our kids sleep in sweats or their regular clothes. We want to change that.”

Last year Phoenix Family collected and distributed 175 pairs of pajamas to kids in need. This year, their goal is 200. How can you help?

They need pajamas in all sizes from 5 to 3XL, for both boys and girls, and for all ages.
• Use their Amazon Wishlist to purchase a pair (or two), and they’ll be shipped directly to Phoenix Family.
• Donate to their pajama drive fund, and they’ll purchase pajamas in your name.
• Or purchase a pair of pajamas and drop them off at our offices before December 13th and we’ll get them to the kids who need them most.


Happy holidays!

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