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Typically when you think of volunteering at animal shelters, you probably envision playing with the pets. Taking them out, socializing and leash training them, but there are a lot of other ways that you can help! For example, Wayside Waifs is looking for volunteers in their Animal Marketing Team. They are looking for photographers, pet handlers to help the photographers, and writers. All of these positions market the animals and help them get adopted faster!

Here are the volunteer descriptions:

Title: Photographer

Commitment: Regular weekly shift of 1 to 2 hours onsite and – likely – an additional 1 to 2 hours of photo editing. If you need training or help for photo editing, we are able to offer this support. Photos MUST be submitted within 24 hours of a volunteer’s shift. (This is to ensure we are timely with posting them on the website.) Please understand that not all photos may be used and that we may ask for a specific type of photo for an animal.

Job Description:
Volunteers will work to take high quality photos of animals in our adoption program. Wayside may use photos in a variety of places online and in print. These images will not be cited unless they are part of a special project and citations were discussed with Marketing beforehand. Why? Many times photos are pulled to use and we do not know where they originated or who took the photo.

• Make certain all adoptable Wayside animals have high-quality, digital photos
• Help provide an individualized view of our Waifs.

• DOG101/CAT101
• Ability to take high-quality, digital photographs
• Ability to work with others and take creative feedback
• Attention to detail and task orientation
• Access to a digital SLR camera with at least 6-8 megapixels
• Lots of patience – photographing animals can be challenging and can be difficult, so bring your sense of humor
• Volunteers should have completed 1 month or 15 hours of service at the shelter.

• Experience with animal photography
• Photo editing skills

Other Notes:
• Volunteers will be asked to sign-in when they are at the shelter, and track offsite hours from home.

Title: Animal Handler, photos and videos

Commitment: Volunteers sign up for regular shifts and coordinate directly with photographers or videographers.

Job Description: Volunteers will handle animals and work directly with people taking photos/videos of our Waifs. Purpose:
• Make sure adoptable animals have a high-quality, digital photo and/or video
• Connect with adopters and highlight our animals as individuals
• Help highlight our large variety of adoptable pets

• DOG101 or CAT101 – depending on the animals you are working with.
• Ability to work with others; ask questions and take direction – the process always goes better with good communication!
• Lots of patience – photographing and taking videos of animals can be challenging and can be difficult, so bring your sense of humor
• Volunteers should have completed 1 month and 15 hours of service at the shelter.

Other Notes:
• Handlers should contact the videographer or photographer directly if they are unable to make it. If you are unable to get in touch with them, please email or call the Staff Partner.
• Be prepared… to get dirty; to quickly walk dogs in and out of the dog adoption area; to be patient with rambunctious dogs and/or feisty cats; to use treats and noisemakers; to lift, bend, and hold pets and – of course -be prepared to pick up poop (Hey, it happens, so keep some poop bags on you at all times)!

Title: Write-Up Volunteers

Commitment: This is a self managed volunteer position. Volunteers are asked to donate time weekly and submit write-ups (wups) directly to staff contact, or in some cases load them to the pet management software. Animals that need personalized write-ups will be emailed in a list to all write up volunteers. Each volunteer commits to take at least 4 write-ups weekly.

Job Description:
Volunteers will spend time getting to know animals at the shelter to help provide rich, personal information on animals available for adoption.

• Provide greater insight into animals available at the shelter.
• Increase the chances of animals being selected and adopted from Wayside Waifs.
• Provide information that allows animals at the shelter to be seen as unique.
• Help highlight our large variety of adoptable pets.

Volunteers interested in this position are asked to submit a writing sample. Compose a mock write-up for one of your favorite animals at the shelter.

• DOG101/CAT101
• Excellent writing skills
• Strong attention to detail and grammar
• Access to a computer
• Volunteers should have completed 1 month and 15 hours of service at the shelter.

Other Notes:
• This is a very independent position and writing is mostly performed from home.
• Volunteers are asked to track their hours from home.


If you’re interested in any of the above opportunities, contact Becky Mathia.

Happy Volunteering!

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