Operation Wildlife Volunteer Opportunities

As the weather starts to get warmer (hopefully someday soon), more outdoor related volunteer opportunities arise, like Operation Wildlife (OWL) for example! Their busy season is from April to September. If you’re interested in learning more about wildlife then OWL is a great organization to look into. They have been providing rehabilitation and veterinary services to injured and orphaned wild animals in northeast Kansas for almost 20 years.

Here are some examples of different volunteer positions they offer:

Facility Center Staff
Provide rehab assistance at the Main Facility, located at 23375 Guthrie Road in Linwood. Volunteers are responsible for cage cleaning, diet preparation, physical therapy, medication administration, habitat setup and general housekeeping duties. Training is provided.
Minimum Time Requirement: 4-8 hours/week

Home Rehabilitation Staff
Provide rehab assistance at your home. Volunteers are responsible for rearing orphaned wild babies utilizing OWL principals and manuals. Babies are returned to the main facility when they are weaned for hack out and further training (hunting, foraging skills, etc.). Training is provided. Per state regulations: 2 year apprenticeship at our main facility.
Minimum Time Requirement: Daily in your home

Transport Staff
Responsible for transporting wildlife from the Receiving Center to the Main Facility the same day each week after the center closes (5:00 pm). At present the center is open Monday through Saturday. Emergency transport staff are responsible for transport of injured or orphaned wildlife to various locations, which might include veterinarians, other volunteers or release sites.
Minimum Time Requirement: 2-3 hours/week

Housekeeping Staff
This is a perfect position for those that want to help but don’t have the time to do the animal care duties. Housekeeping responsiblities are at the Main Facility the same day each week. General housekeeping duties may include laundry, dishes, food prep, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, etc. The peak months are May, June, July and August. Training is provided. Preferred hours for the position is after 10 am.
Minimum Time Requirement: 4 hours/week

Check out their website for more information!

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