4 Ways to Give Back this Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a great time to catch up with family, get some sun, and celebrate our independence and freedom. Why not celebrate by donating your time and making this country an even better place? Here are four ideas for giving back this holiday week:

  1. Support the troops and our veterans

What better way to give back this Independence Day than by honoring the men and women who have fought for our freedom?  You can send a care package to a soldier stationed in the Middle East through The Hugs Project or donate your time or money to the Veterans Community Project – a local organization that builds tiny homes for vets.

2. Help the homeless 

These hot July days are especially hard for those without homes. Homeless shelters still need your help during holidays. Nourish KC is a great organization that provides a dignified dining experience to anyone who comes through their door. ReStart Inc could also use help in the kitchen. Sign up to volunteer individually, or as a group and still get some family time in!

3. This land is our land

Make sure to clean up after your BBQ or outdoor party, but if you want to go further, check out local organizations like Bridging the Gap or KC Green to keep our city clean. Keep our land beautiful by recycling and helping the environment! Check out this link for tips on how to make your party more eco-friendly as well.

4. Be a neighbor

If you can’t get out to volunteer or donate this fourth of July, you can also help in your own backyard. Offer to organize a neighborhood cleanup after the fireworks or offer to be a designated driver to anyone who needs it. Invite over someone who may not have any plans. Make sure your neighborhood dogs get some extra love before the fireworks start. Any small gesture can make this holiday a special one.

Happy Fourth!

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