Social Impact and Leadership Program

The Social Impact and Leadership Program combines community service, leadership training, social justice awareness and coursework to encourage and equip you to become an active leader in your community.

JCCC students can fulfill requirements for the Social Impact and Leadership Program by completing tasks from the Leadership, Social Justice and Service tracks.

To join the program, submit your information here and the Community-Based Learning Coordinator will reach out to you!

Admission Criteria

  • Must be a current student at JCCC.
  • Past experiences can be counted towards requirements if they were completed while you were at JCCC, within the last 3 years.

Social Impact and Leadership Program Requirements

To participate in this program, you’ll need to complete the following:

Submit personal goals for the program
• Complete at least 5 tasks from the tracks listed below
• Turn in one midway reflection
• Attend and present at final event

About the Tracks
o You are not limited to stay on one track
o Tasks can be repeated
o Related JCCC credit courses count as two tasks
o You can propose other related events or opportunities to count toward tasks

Leadership Track
Observe, critique and participate in leadership on campus and in the community.
• Take the LEAD 130: Leadership and Civic Engagement Class (counts as 2 tasks)
• Complete Cav Leadership Program (one semester)
• Participate in Collegiate Leadership Competition
• Hold a JCCC club or organization officer position for one semester
• Observe three board meetings of a nonprofit agency, city council or state legislature
• Attend three leadership-related events
• Complete one semester of a related internship, job shadowing or work-study position

Social Justice Track
Choose a social issue to research and positively impact.
• Take SOC 125: Social Problems or HON 100: Honors Seminar (each counts as two tasks)
• Complete a Canvas “Issue Investigation” module on a social issue of your choice
• Write a letter to your representative about the issue
• Participate in three related political demonstrations or rallies
• Organize an educational event or campaign to spread awareness
• Attend three on-campus events related to the social issue
• Complete one semester of a related internship, job shadowing or work-study position

Service Track

Give back to your community through direct service.
• Take a service-learning class at JCCC (counts as 2 tasks)
o List of service-learning classes
• Complete Ethical Service training module in Canvas
• Volunteer for 10 hours at a nonprofit or government agency (10 hours=one task, for up to three tasks)
• Attend and present at a service conference, like the Kansas Service and Civic Engagement Conference
• Organize a service event
• Attend three service-related events
• Complete one semester of a related internship, job shadowing or work-study position

For questions, contact the Community-Based Learning office, at