Mar 252015

How do I get started in this course?

Students can review the course syllabus at . Course materials become available in Canvas one week before the start of the semester. To get started open the Open Me First! module.

Will there be any on-campus exams?

Students take 13 quizzes and 4 exams online.

Does this course have any on-campus meetings?

Class does not meet on campus. However, students may visit local places of worship for extra credit.

Is this course self-paced?

There is a specific calendar; this is not a self-paced course.

How often should I login to my course?

Three times a week is perhaps the minimum. Students should expect to spend 9-12 hours per week on the class.

What due dates can I expect?

The course is structured on a weekly schedule with a new discussion question posted on Monday, the initial response due by midnight Thursday. Discussions close on Sunday midnight. Weekly quizzes open on Thursday and must be completed by midnight Sunday. There are four modules exams. The final exam (Exam 4) is not cumulative.

How is the course organized?

Students read the text and view online chapter outlines, images, and audio/video. Students then engage in online discussions that constitute a substantial part of the grade. A minimum of 60% is required in the Online Discussions in order for the student to pass the course.

What books are required for this course?

Textbook information is available at the JCCC Bookstore.

Are there any additional costs for this course?


Are there additional resources or skills I need for this course?

It is highly recommended that first-time online students complete the Online Learning Assessment to determine if online learning is right for you. For those who have never used Canvas before it is recommended that you sign up for one of the Online Student Seminars. Students who cannot come to campus can link in to the Live Webcast.

How can I be successful in this course?

Please review the Tips for Success online document.

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