Contact ETC Using Zoom

The Educational Technology Center maintains its hours from 9 AM to 5 PM US Central Time, Monday through Friday, while the JCCC campus is closed. You can contact us through the usual e-mail and phone methods, but we’re most immediately available during hours using the Zoom video conferencing platform (Monday – Thursday during the summer).

You can use Zoom with any device which has an internet connection (such as WiFi or cell-phone mobile data). That much will allow you to see and hear others in the meeting, including ETC staff, and to engage in live text chat with them. If your device has a microphone, you can also choose to be heard by others in the meeting. If your device has a camera, you can also choose to be seen by others in the meeting.

You don’t need to sign into an account to join the ETC meeting, and the necessary app will be installed for you the first time you do so using a given device (in the version appropriate to the device). You just need the meeting ID, or the direct link.

To send your voice or face into the meeting once you’re there, use the mic and camera buttons that appear when you hover in the bottom left corner of the meeting window. If either icon has a red slash across it, that medium is off, and clicking that button will turn it on. You also use the same buttons to stop sending your voice or face into the meeting while staying present in the meeting. For instance, people often need to “mute” their microphone if they’re aware that there’s a lot of distracting noise at their end, or they need to engage in private discussion with someone at their end.

Other Uses for Zoom at JCCC

To host your own meetings as a way to lecture, engage in class discussion, or keep office hours with students enrolled in a credit class you’re teaching, or with members of a JCCC Canvas community, you can schedule Zoom meetings from inside Canvas.

To host your own meetings as part of other work at JCCC, you will need to sign in using your college ID and password. To make sure the Zoom platform knows you’re using a JCCC account, choose the “single sign on” (SSO) option whenever it’s available and indicate “” whenever asked to identify your “domain”.