Design Inspriation and direction

Have you ever thought about what type of designer you would be? Who would you design for? What type of fabrics would you specialize in? What style of garments would you make? or Who you are most influenced by?You don’t have to make all these decisions at once because you style as a designer will evolve as you learn.

I found early that I like to design clothing that is comfortable but elegant and very well made. My designs are in the details.  The classic styles call to me. Simple and Soft. I design in soft supple fabrics that flow. My color family is deep rich blues, turquoise, purples, greens and soft creams/ivory/light earth tones. What will your style be?

Being a designer is hard work, but rewarding in a variety of ways. If you want to be a designer start documenting your journey. Keeping a sketch book, Photographing the garments you make, and adding illustrations/Flats to your photos of your garments.  This is a great way to view the changes as you transition into a true designer.

If you want to be a well-paid designer, please the client.
If you want to be an award-winning designer, please yourself.
If you want to be a great designer, please the audience.


What do you think the first step will be for you?

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