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This week’s theme is “Lighting” and there’s been some REALLY stunning and creative submissions so far. For my submission, a couple of things that I ordered in preparation for this year’s solo and rallycross seasons arrived. So I don’t have to use a loaner helmet this season, I finally bought my own. Last year, I had a hard time keeping my butt in the seat. The CG Lock that Brian, one of my fellow photographers at, gave me does a good job, but I have a lot of mass to try and contain so I also got a racing harness. Hopefully the new harness will keep me from sliding around so much.

On to the photo! I set the helmet and harness on our black velvet backdrop and removed every light source I could find. If you look at the visor, you’ll see the dim red reflection of a light in the kitchen I didn’t think would show. showed. I set the exposure for 4 seconds which gave me time to position an LED flashlight filtered by a blue plastic toddler’s plate. Could I have spent a gazillion dollars on gels and variable power strobes? Sure, but I’m cheap. I had the flashlight and a cleanish plate at hand.


Here are the EXIF data.

Camera Nikon D90
Exposure 4
Aperture f/6.7
Focal Length 50 mm
ISO Speed 200
Exposure Bias 0 EV
Flash No Flash

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3 thoughts on “SooC52 – Lighting”

  1. *crawls back into corner and refuses to post photo in this week’s topic*

    Wow! This is cool. I love how dark and mysterious it is. The sheen you got from the plate is amazing. Plus, I nearly fell out of my seat when you said “cleanish” plate. ha ha

  2. What a great shoot.. Man, I need to get my week 4 shoot in first before all the rest of you post yours, pressure is just going up and up to create a good picture.. Love the low key shot and awesome color you got in camera. And now you definately become a “season” parent… “Cleanish plate” Love it.. Anyone not being a parent would ever consider to use a “cleanish” plate LOL

  3. haha, I’m with the other guys on “cleanish” that was a great line. And yes, definitely a cool shot. Pretty mysterious, slightly hard to tell what the stuff is, but it looks good. Well played on using materials at hand to make a cool photo.

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