Collaboration Whiteboards


Microsoft Surface Hub, which comes in at 55-inches, will be available from Microsoft for $8,999, with a higher-tier 84-inch model priced at $21,999.

While the Surface Hub initially gained widespread attention and a large number of pre-orders, multiple delays and today’s pricing alterations could change how the device is perceived by enterprise customers. While Microsoft will honor the initial pricing for all existing orders, the delay in availability could affect business plans.




Infocus Mondopad Ultra 70 inch 4K model priced at $11,999, and a 84 inch 4k model priced at $19,999:

The new device is described as an “all-in-one video conferencing, interactive whiteboarding, presentation, and data sharing display for teams”, aiming to boost workplace and learning collaboration for groups working in the same room, or in different locations around the world.




Google Jamboard 55 inch 4k model priced at $6000

Jamboard features a 4K display, multiple styluses, a digital eraser, and a touchscreen that can also handle finger input.