ēno Boards


What are ēno interactive whiteboards?

ēno (means cool or awesome) interactive whiteboards provide cordless interactivity with a computer using the Bluetooth-enabled ēno stylus.

While the computer is projected onto the ēno interactive whiteboard, use the stylus to:

  • enhance presentations by enabling interaction and collaboration
  • navigate through documents, presentations, or websites from the whiteboard
  • write, highlight, and erase notes
  • print and save your work

ēno interactive whiteboards are made from ceramic steel so you can also use them
with dry-erase markers and magnets as well as the stylus.


At JCCC these are currently installed in the Learning Studios: LIB 353B, GEB 258, GEB 238, CC 229, CC316, CC318, and others.

ēno documentaion PDF

ēno introduction video

For assistance, contact Jeff Kosko, jkosko@jccc.edu, 913-469-8500 Ext. 3669