iPad Resources


Are you thinking about buying an iPad? Do you own one already? Here are a few resources to help you get started:

Why would I need an iPad?

Ipads are larger than smart phones for reading books and viewing media, but they also add some of the features of a smart phone, like location and motion detection. They work well for checking email,  working with basic pictures and movies, and running one of the many educational apps available for iPads. It’s easier to carry than a laptop, but it doesn’t run all the software that you may use on your laptop right now. Think of it as a supplement rather than a replacement.

Ipads come in two varieties: with and without cell phone data access. Data access costs more and requires a data plan, but it means you can use your iPad in areas where there’s no wi-fi coverage.

Can I use iPads with Desire2Learn?

Desire2Learn doesn’t fully support the iPad’s browser. So the nuanced answer is that you can use some features, but other features won’t work at all. In addition to just using the iPad browser, there’s a Desire2Learn app for iPad which is narrowly focused on grading, especially dropbox submissions.

What ebooks does an iPad support?

Ipads use a proprietary ebook format called iBooks. You buy those books directly from Apple. However, they also support Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Google Books, and many other eBook stores and formats. You just need to download and install the correct app from iTunes or in some cases, you just navigate to the correct website.  Some books are also sold separately and can be read within a reading app, and some books are an app.

How can I get trained on an iPad?

This is something we’re evaluating right now. We’ll post more info as soon as we’ve got a training strategy in place.