English PDD Presentations

Members of the English Department were active in JCCC’s January Professional Development Week:

Anthony Funari, JCCC Grant Professional and English Adjunct Professor, led a PDD session titled, “How Wikipedia Can — and Probably Should — Change Way Teach Writing and Academic Research.”  Funari’s session focused on how Wikipedia offers students a space to participate in online writing communities.  To demonstrate, Funari’s presentation outlined a Wikipedia editing project that he completes with his students each semester.

Maureen Fitzpatrick and Beth Gulley organized a “scholarship swap.” The scholarship swap was a fast-moving opportunity for English faculty to share ideas on current or prospective research projects with colleagues and to respond to the projects of others.  Participants brought a single paragraph describing the research interest and then participated in a series of 5-8 minute “speed dates” with other colleagues to share ideas and ask questions. Materials for upcoming CavCon, TYCA, KATE, KCDPC conferences were also available.

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