Honors Contract: Creative Writing Workshop



Creative Writing Workshop

This Honors Contract can be taken concurrently or sequentially (the semester immediately following the semester the course is taken) with the following course:

COURSE TITLE:  Creative Writing Workshop                  COURSE NO:  ENGL 224


Author of Contract:  Greg Luthi                                                       HOURS CREDIT:  1


In addition to satisfying the normal objectives/competencies of the course, the student must complete the following objectives to accomplish a higher level of scholastic work:


  1. Gain further knowledge of what professional writers do.
  2. Develop writing skills in chosen area.
  3. Develop marketing skills in chosen area.


1. The student will meet with the mentor on a regular basis, totaling eight hours for the semester.
2. The student will prepare a market project to include the following:
a. a list of five criteria for selecting an agent, producer, or book or magazine publisher.
b. names and addresses of five potential producers, agents, or publishers.
c. one-page sample query letter.
3. The student will prepare a final project of one of the types given below:
a. editor-ready poetry packet to include the following:
–collection of poetry (200 lines).
–cover letter to a suitable market.
b. editor-ready fiction packet to include the following:
–manuscript of a 3,000-word story or first chapter of a novel.
–cover letter to a suitable market.
c. editor-ready drama packet to include the following:
–manuscript of 30-page play script or film script.
–cover letter to a suitable market
d. editor-ready creative nonfiction packet to include the following:
–manuscript of a 3,000-word essay or first chapter of a nonfiction book.
–cover letter to a suitable market.

CONFERENCES:  to be determined.


  1. Punctuality.
  2. Excellence in all aspects.
  3. Growth of writing skills.
  4. Increased awareness of the requirements of the writing profession.
  5. Independence in approach to completion of work.


To achieve an A, the student must fulfill all the requirements of the honors contract with a degree of professionalism that includes literary complexity in the written work, careful editing and proofreading, and timely and correct completion of all assignments.

Evaluated Work:

Market Project:  30%
Final Project:     50%
Performance:     20%

Grading Scale for Market and Final Projects:

A+  =  100       B+  =  88         C+  =  78         D+  =  68
A    =    95       B    =  85         C    =  75         D    =  65         F  =  0-59
A-   =    90       B-   =  80         C-   =  70         D-   =  60

Late Work:

Written work presented past the deadline agreed upon by the student and the mentor will be penalized five points per day up to five days.  The mentor will not accept work six or more days late.

NOTE:  Johnson County Community College provides a range of services to allow persons with disabilities to participate in educational programs and activities.  If you desire support services, contact Access Services for Students in the Student Center 202.