Honors Contract: Masterpieces of the Cinema



Masterpieces of the Cinema

This Honors Contract can be taken concurrently or sequentially (the semester immediately following the semester the course is taken) with the following course:

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Course Title:  Masterpieces of the Cinema                               Course No.:  ENGL 254

Author of the Contract:  Greg Harrell                                     Hours Credit:  1

In addition to satisfying the normal objectives/competencies of the course, the student must complete the following objectives to accomplish a higher level of scholastic work:

Objectives: Understand and analyze the style of a significant film director.


  1. Research a selected film director (the choice must be approved by the mentor) using books and databases of the JCCC Library.
  2. Compose a biographical sketch of the director (800-1200 words).  Focus on his/her background, style characteristics, industry contributions, and significant achievements.
  3. View three of the director’s films.
  4. Submit a personal assessment of each film (200-350 words), incorporating information from your research as applicable.


  1. Meet with the mentor on a regular basis.
  2. Submit each task on its due date.
  3. Word process all papers, using proper manuscript form.
  4. Write at a level of expertise commensurate with English and Honors Program expectations.
  5. Apply independence and creativity in your approach to each assignment.

 Grading Criteria:

  1. Attendance/Punctuality at Mentor Meetings  = 10%
  2. Biographical Sketch completed and submitted as assigned = 30%
  3. Three  personal assessments completed and submitted as assigned = 60%

 Grading Scale:

90 – 100% = A
80 –   89% = B
70 –   79% = C
60-    69% = D
0 –   59% = F