Jillian Wenburg Publications and Service

Academic Service
Elected Area Chair for the American Literature area of the PCA/ACA organization August 2021


“Informed Practice to Foster Community in the Digital Classroom”
Educational Technologies, Summer Institute on Distance
Learning and Instructional Technology (SIDLIT)                                          July 2021


“Don’t Mind If You Won’t Find My Work Salable—I Won’t”:                     June 2021
Mari Sandoz’s Research and Writing Methodology,
Paper presentation at the Pop Culture and American Culture Association

American Literature Panel


“Retrain your Brain: Use of Mindfulness Tools for Improved Health”

Kansas City Professional Development Council, Kansas City, MO                               May 2021


I am also a keynote presenter at the Mari Sandoz Symposium at the end of September.

Mari Sandoz’s Research and Writing Methodology                                       September 2021
Mari Sandoz Symposium, Lincoln, Nebraska

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