New Book of Poetry by Beth Gulley

From the book jacket,

“I have always admired those who can write short poems, well, and Beth Gulley does not disappoint in her book, Dragon Eggs, Spartan Press, 2021. Beth’s poems exemplify the skill it takes to write a short poem that perfectly encapsulates image, narrative, flow, and perspective. For example, “The Shooter,” captures so much about childhood in its crisp description of a child’s marble. Gulley intersperses very tiny poems, with short poems and prose poems shaped in squares. For all of the littleness of the poems, they cover large territories from international atrocities to love of family, childhood, and maturation, as well as delightfully concrete spiritual moments. Her longer poems at the end of the book, “I Am From” and “The New Mythology,” are like a genealogy, providing the reader with the collection’s roots.”

Here is a link to the Barnes and Nobel site for the book:  It is also available from Amazon:

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