New CBL Grant Program

Information from Tara Karaim, Community-Based Learning Coordinator

Some have used the CBL Mini Grant program in years past. This program, which incentivizes faculty to try community-based learning for the first time, will now be renamed the Community-Based Learning Development Grant.

This year, we have been piloting a new mini grant program. It is designed to support community-based learning through funding any costs associated with a project. This could mean supplies, guest speakers, transportation, or refreshments for example (the latter two will likely being more relevant in a post-covid world).

Please feel free to share with any interested faculty! Part time or full time faculty can apply for up to $500 worth of funds for a spring 2021 class by  December 4. Here is the linkto the application.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Tara Karaim, MA (she, her, hers)

Community-Based Learning Coordinator

Johnson County Community College

COM 201 – 913-469-8500 ext. 3570

Empathy / Developer / Input / Includer / Adaptability


Our own Marilyn Senter writes this of her experience:

“Over the summer, Tara asked if anyone could think of virtual service learning programs, and I said I could have some students research books to meet the needs of a children’s agency IF she could find me some money.  So, she worked on switching some monies used to encourage teachers to try SL over to this new $500 grant.

I had two students work with 4 teachers at Growing Futures (Head Start in OP) to create a list of books to meet their students’ needs.  The project grew when the teachers asked for books about nature since they were spending so much time outside.  I then asked Jay Antle and Kristy Howell and got a grant for an additional $500 for nature books.  Woo Hoo!  So, the teachers made their picks from the lists my students presented, and now we are up to the ordering phase.

LOTS of work, but worth it.  Those kids will get $1000 worth of new books.  Not bad.”


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