Leanna Brunner Presents

Leanna Brunner’s research proposal titled, “The Cognitive Impact of Writing on Mental Health” was accepted for presentation at the KCTE (The Kentucky Council of Teachers of English) in March 2023.  She will be presenting at Murray State University, where she is getting her doctorate.

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Danny Alexander Presents

On September 29th, Danny gave the presentation “Urban Renewal and the Displacement of Our Musical Heritage” in the Redlining Exhibit for Once Upon an Artifact: Making a Seat at the Table.

On October 19th, Danny gave the presentation, “Patty Carroll’s Domestic Bliss and the Ghost Story” in the Adorned exhibit for Noon at the Nerman.

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Beth Gulley Publishes and Presents

Professor Beth Gulley has published a new collection of poetry, Since Corona Ruined Our Trip to the Library.  It is available now from Finishing Line Press. (https://www.finishinglinepress.com/product/since-corona-ruined-our-trip-to-the-library-by-beth-gulley/)

Professor Beth Gulley also gave a presentation titled,  “No Visa, No Problem: Kansas Composition Students’ Virtual Exchange Projects with Students in New Zealand”  at TYCA Midwest in Iowa City on October 8th. (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1un7SW4g7LUoxoeMVXr5IufWxPywqhkkV/view)

On October 28th, Beth will be a panelist at the Kansas Association of Teachers of English Conference. The session is titled: “Join the Professional Conversation: Publish Your Scholarly & Creative Work in Kansas English.” The panel includes Katherine Cramer, John Franklin, Beth Gulley, Sun Young Lee. https://www.kansasenglish.org/uploads/5/2/3/7/52372843/fc_kate_program_2022.pdf

Beth is on this panel because she edits a teaching tips column for Kansas English.


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Amy Pace and Maureen Fitzpatrick Present

Professors Amy Pace and Maureen Fitzpatrick presented the session “Reuse, Renew, Recycle: When Student Writing Becomes Recycling” at the TYCA-Midwest Regional Conference in Iowa City, IA on October 8, 2022. The session invited participants to discuss more complex forms of what students may or may not consider plagiarism: the “recycling” of former work or multiple submissions for an assignment. For many students, the concept of self-plagiarism seems more like reallocated their own resources than stealing their own work–the lines seem arbitrary. The workshop-style session asked participants to respond to  several scenarios that challenge the definition of academic integrity and then to collaborate on a section of a student-friendly definition of plagiarism that focused on student “recycling.”

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Andrea Broomfield Presents

Andrea Broomfield, Chair of English, was invited by Johnson County Public Library to do three events in September related to her new book, _Iconic Restaurants of Kansas City_ and food history in general: “Writing Recipe Narratives” was a workshop Andrea conducted for participants interesting in food writing ( Sept. 17, 2022);  “Writing Food History: Methodology, Rewards, Challenges,” was a lecture she gave on Sept. 14, 2022, and “The Past Is Prologue: Kansas City’s Iconic Restaurants,” was a virtual lecture she gave on Sept. 13, 2022.

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