Ted Rollins: Writing Transfer and Teaching for Transfer

Ted Rollins, professor of English, was awarded a sabbatical for the 2017 fall semester.  One result of his sabbatical is a 93-page annotated bibliography on writing transfer and teaching for transfer.  This bibliography is now available on JCCC’s Scholarspace here: https://scholarspace.jccc.edu/sabbatical_projects/8/

I’ve copied Rollins’ abstract for his bibliography below:

“Motivated by my interest in the related conversations about promoting writing transfer and teaching for transfer, I have brought together this collection of sources to help answer this research question: As educators how can we design writing programs, courses, and assignments that foster the application of writing knowledge and practice across contexts by our students? Many of the sources in this collection represent scholarship that addresses the extent to which—and in what conditions—learners transfer their writing knowledge and practice from one context to another. Some authors whose work appears in this collection propose broader changes at the institutional or curricular level, while others focus on changes to individual courses or writing assignments. Other sources deal with a related interest—the use of digital portfolios as tools that can enable individuals to showcase, reflect on, and apply their learning. A common thread among the sources in this collection is that they all offer insights into ways to (re)design our programs, courses, and assignments to increase the likelihood of our students making important connections as writers who negotiate a variety of contexts within and outside of the classroom. I hope you find this annotated bibliography—a work-in-progress which I continue to develop as new scholarship is published—a useful resource in thinking about how promote the transfer of learning by students in your courses.”


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