Thum Awarded Two Perkins Grants

Gretchen Thum, associate professor and chair of Journalism and Media Communications, was awarded two Perkins Grants for the 2019-2020 year. Both involve partnering with Prof. Pamela Hulen and Marketing Management faculty, benefiting a significant number of JCCC students. The first grant involves training faculty and students in aspects of content marketing, emphasizing videography as a primary skill.  Since video is becoming a key tool in news as well as promotional media, faculty needs to be trained in this area so that courses reflect current practices.  The second grant involves developing a shadowing/mentoring program for students.  This will allow students to see what careers in the field of Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations are like, while also building mentoring relationships with working professionals.  More information about Perkins Grants in general can be found on the Perkins Collaborative Resource Network.  To see information on Perkins Grants in Kansas, check out the Kansas Board of Regents.

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