Faculty Development

Adjunct Certification Training

Adjunct Certification Training (ACT) 2023-2024

Attention Adjunct Faculty….come and enhance your teaching skills and earn an $800 stipend doing it.

Prerequisite: Participants should complete iTeach before entering the ACT Program. To enroll in iTeach, please contact Ed Lovitt, Director of Educational Technology and Distance Learning.

Goal: To provide tools and resources that assist adjunct faculty in becoming more effective educators in the classroom. Upon completion, the adjunct instructor should be:
• Cognizant of the college’s mission
• Aware of policies and procedures of the academic branch
• Comfortable in the college’s learning community
• Equipped with more resources to enhance student learning in the classroom

Requirements: Participants complete the following requirements within a two-year period:
• All nine required modules
• Minimum of one elective module
• Updated Individual Development Plan signed by your supervisor
• Reflective Journal submitted to Faculty Development upon completion of the program.

Stipend and recognition: Adjunct faculty who complete the ACT program will receive a one-time stipend in the amount of $800 and will be honored at the Lieberman Awards dinner during the spring semester.
• Those completing all requirements by November 15 will receive stipend payment in January.
• Those completing all requirements by March 15 will receive stipend payment in May.

Instructions for enrolling in ACT courses: https://blogs.jccc.edu/staffdev/2017/11/02/enrollment-instructions-for-staff-development-courses/

Required Modules
Creating a Learner-Centered Syllabus
Valerie Mann
Wednesday 9/6/23 6pm – 9pm 30019
Saturday 2/24/24 9am -12pm 30020

Partnering with Student Services for Student Success
Thursday 8/24/23 6pm – 9pm 30029
Saturday 2/3/24 9am-12pm 30030

Online Learning Tools
Paul McCourt
Thursday 8/31/23 6pm – 9pm 30031
Saturday 3/2/24 9am – 12pm 30032

Microteaching and Classroom Video Recording
Emily Sewell
Wednesday 9/20/23 6pm – 9pm 30033
Saturday 1/27/24 9am – 12pm 30034

Pedagogy and Classroom Leadership
Suneetha Menon
Wednesday 10/11/23 6pm – 9pm 30035
Saturday 3/30/24 9am – 12pm 30036

Active Learning
Megan Doyle
Wednesday 9/27/23 6pm – 9pm 30037
Saturday 4/6/24 9am – 12pm 30038

Intercultural Communications
Cathy Schrag
Wednesday 10/18/23 6pm – 9pm 30039
Saturday 3/23/24 9am – 12pm 30040

Engage Your Students with Technology
Lisa Parrott
Wednesday 10/25/23 6pm – 9pm 30041
Saturday 4/20/24 9am – 12pm 30042

Elective Modules
High Impact Practices
Melissa Nolan
Wednesday 10/4/23 6pm – 8pm 30043
Saturday 4/13/24 9am – 11am 30044

Flipping the Classroom
Heather Seitz
Thursday 11/9/23 6pm – 8pm 30045
Saturday 2/17/24 9am – 11am 30046

Strengths-Based Classroom
Rebecca Kastendick
Wednesday 9/13/23 6pm – 8pm 30047
Saturday 2/10/24 9am – 11am 30048