Changes To Bylaws

Changes to the Bylaws


Pg. 6 Divisions:

There are nine divisions for the purpose of divisional representation in the Faculty Senate. They are (1) Arts, Humanities & Social Science; (2) Business; (3) Communication; (4) English & Journalism; (5) Health Care & Wellness; (6) Mathematics; (7) Science; (8) Technology; and (9) Academic Support/Curriculum and Academic Quality/Learner Engagement/Unaffiliated.

The faculty from Academic Support (Librarians), Curriculum and Academic Quality (Cosmetology and Esthetics), Learner Engagement (Counselors) and any unaffiliated faculty are combined into one division for the purpose of representation in the Faculty Senate.


Page 7 Elections:

  • All division senators must meet the criteria established in Article 6 of the Faculty Senate Constitution.
  • Each division will establish its own election procedures and voting guidelines for election of division senators and alternates. The guidelines should address the following issues:
  1. How the divisional election committee will be formed and who is eligible to serve (i.e. can currently serving Faculty Senators serve on the divisional election committee, should the election committee have both full-time and adjunct representatives, etc.).
  2. How Faculty Senate seats will be apportioned (i.e. both seats open to all divisional faculty regardless of status, one seat designated for full-time and one for adjunct) and any voting restrictions resulting from apportionment (i.e. full time faculty vote for full-time position, adjunct faculty vote for adjunct position, all faculty vote regardless of apportionment, etc.).
  3. How the election will be conducted (i.e. online voting, secure ballot box, etc.).
  4. How the list of eligible voters will be verified to eliminate non-faculty names and to assure that faculty listed are currently teaching.
  5. The timetable for divisional election to insure compliance with the Faculty Senate election deadline of March 31st.
  6. How the alternate senator will be selected (i.e. runner-up, separate election, etc.).
  7. How the election to fill vacancies/resignations will be conducted
  8. How divisional election guidelines are approved and amended.
  • A copy of the written guidelines should be provided to the Faculty Senate Election committee.

Page 11 Filling Vacancies:

In the event of a vacancy in a division senator position, the replacement senator will be elected by his or her respective division in compliance with divisional guidelines.

In the event of a vacancy of an at-large senator position, the election committee will conduct a special election to fill the at-large senate seat.