Johnson County Community College

Honors Students

Weekly Bulletin 2/8/21

Message from Honors Director, Anne Dotter

Dear Honors students,

Meeting and cultivating a relationship with a mentor is one of the most precious experiences you will have in college. A mentor may be a faculty or a staff member, it may also be a counselor. It is never too late to engage in a mentoring relationship: if you are interested, but do not know where to start, reach out!

Maintaining our own sense of belonging may be challenging enough in our COVID-19-physically-distant era; how can we possibly be expected to meet new people, let alone connect with a mentor? Paradoxically enough, making new acquaintances through the safety of the screen might offer many of us the safe distance that actually allows us to take that step.

One terrific way to start is by attending our Honors Hangout this week: you will get a chance to meet with our two new honors counselors: Melanie and Natalie. If you are simply wanting to ask a few questions about the upcoming enrollment period, the scholarship deadlines, or fall honors course options: join us! The very best place for you to be this Thursday, at 3pm is the Honors Hangout!

Be well and stay strong,


This Week in Honors: