Honors Students

About the Program

In 1984, a campus-wide committee was formed to explore the possibility of an Honors Program at JCCC. After nearly two years of work, 17 honors students enrolled in the fall semester of 1986. The first two students completed requirements and graduated in 1989. From the beginning, the mission of the Honors Program at JCCC has been to provide intellectually motivated students an inclusive and supportive environment in which to foster their curiosity and identify tools and resources needed to challenge themselves, take risks, solve problems, and hone their leadership skills to serve as active citizens and leaders within their communities.

Dear Honors Students,

Joining the Honors Program is not only a recognition of your academic achievements to date, it is also a life-style! Will it look good on your resume? No doubt! But it is so much more than just one more line on your CV.

Being an honors student first and foremost means that you are part of a community of curious and motivated students. In practice, this is a community of support toward whom you can always turn to broaden your understanding of content for any honors or non-honors courses. What you will find in the communities of honors classes is a challenge to be the best thinker that you ever thought you could be.

Being an honors student also means that your interests are not confined to the classroom walls. There is a world out there and you are eager to take it on! The Exploratory Experiences are meant to help you start on this path: whether you are contributing to the wellbeing of others in the community by doing service, pondering intractable questions by doing research with a faculty member, or studying abroad for a week or even a semester.

The honors team is thrilled to have you onboard and is looking forward to supporting you toward success. Never hesitate to come by and share what is burdening you: we may not have all the answers but we know who will be able to help you!

Warm wishes,

Anne D.

Honors Program Director