Honors Students

Campus Resources

Academic Advising & Counseling

Need help deciding on a major or career path? Want some guidance selecting your classes? Visit the Academic Advising & Counseling webpage to discover the many ways our academic counselors are available to assist you.

Academic Resource Center

Located on the first floor of Billington Library, the Academic Resource Center is your one-stop shop for free tutoring and assistance for your credit classes. Visit the Academic Resource Center webpage to learn more.

Campus Map

Find your way around JCCC using the campus and building maps. You can also look at the floor plans for the individual buildings to locate classrooms, resource centers, event spaces, and auditoriums.

Career Development Center

Visit the Career Development Center to find answers to your most important questions:

  • Discover: Who am I?
  • Explore: Where am I going?
  • Prepare: How do I get there?


The CoLab is an active learning environment offering an array of face-to-face and virtual resources – imaginative co-work spaces, advanced technology, technology tutoring, event coordination, and more – all focused on student success! Visit the CoLab webpage to learn more!

Computer Labs

Find the technology, tools, and spaces that fit your needs. Visit the Computer Lab webpage for more information.

Course Delivery Methods

Would you like to take classes online or in a classroom? At JCCC, you can choose a delivery method that accommodates your goals and your learning style. Wondering which course delivery methods are right for you? Visit this informational page about course delivery methods to learn more!

Glossary of Academic Terms

We all know how confusing and specific Higher Ed and even JCCC “language” can be. JCCC’s Glossary of Academic Terms can help demystify some of that language!

Personal Counseling

Life can be challenging, but you don’t have to weather through it alone! Counselors are available to assist with personal challenges or problems you may experience and to help you find solutions. Visit this informational page about personal counseling to learn more.

Student Basic Needs Center

The mission of the Student Basic Needs Center is to provide information and resources to combat the hardships which adversely affect the ability of JCCC students to complete their academic, professional, and personal development objectives. Visit the Student Basic Needs Center webpage for more information!

Student Rights & Responsibilities

The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities focuses on conduct administration and compliance as well as student advocacy. They provide:

  • General navigation, advocacy and campus consultation
  • Student conduct service
  • Resource referrals and services for students
  • Assistance in problem-solving or identifying appropriate services

For questions, contact Justin McMillan, Coordinator, Student Rights & Responsibilities, at 913-469-3806 or jmcmil32@jccc.edu.