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Honors Courses

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Benefits of an honors course include smaller class size in a learning studio environment. Honors courses offer intellectual engagement, collaboration, discussion, reflection, creativity, and an opportunity to reach higher and dig deeper into subjects. General honors course offerings are listed below. To view specific honors course offerings, type “Honors Course” in the Attribute box when browsing classes in your My JCCC account.

Fall Honors Course Offerings

  • Public Speaking Honors (COMS 121)
  • Intercultural Communications Honors (COMS 180)
  • Composition I Honors (ENGL 121)
  • Composition II Honors (ENGL 122)
  • Environmental Science Lecture Honors (EVRN 130)
  • Environmental Science Lab Honors (EVRN 131)
  • Honors Seminar: Erasures, Absences and Silences (HON 100)
  • Honors Forum (HON 250)
  • Ethics Honors (PHIL 143)
  • Introduction to Psychology Honors (PSYC 130)
  • Introduction to Sociology Honors (SOC 122)

Spring Honors Course Offerings

  • Art History Honors (ARTH 184)
  • Public Speaking Honors (COMS 121)
  • Composition I Honors (ENGL 121)
  • Composition II Honors (ENGL 122)
  • Honors Seminar: Erasures, Absences & Silences (HON 100)
  • Honors Forum (HON 250)
  • Contemporary Approaches to World Mythology Honors (HUM 156)
  • Leadership & Civic Engagement Honors (LEAD 130)
  • Social Problems Honors (SOC 125)

There are a limited number of spaces in honors courses and enrollment preference will be given to students in the Honors Program. To verify eligibility, send an email to honors@jccc.edu with your name, student ID# and the CRN of the course you wish to enroll in. A waiver will need to be entered to lift the enrollment restriction.

As an honors student, you are eligible for pre-enrollment. Pre-enrollment privileges enable you to enroll in your classes a few days before open enrollment begins to ensure that you get into your preferred class sections before they fill up. Visit this informational page for enrollment dates and instructions.