Honors Students

Study Abroad/Study Away and Global or Cultural Awareness

Studying abroad/away can provide you with insights and skills that would be difficult – if not impossible – to gain any other way. You can also earn credit for one Exploratory Experience by participating in any of the programs below and submitting a reflection at the conclusion of the experience. After enrolling in a study abroad/away program, it is advisable to contact Melissa Nolan, our High Impact Practices Specialist, by emailing mnolan13@jccc.edu or calling 913-469-8500×3570 before leaving for your study abroad/away trip for tips on how to make the most out of your experience!

Study Abroad

Gain an entirely different worldview when you study abroad. JCCC’s accredited program offers 100 options in more than 50 countries.

Experience tremendous self-growth as you hear new languages, taste exotic foods and navigate a strange city. Learn cultural values and social norms firsthand from the people who live there.

The life skills you develop when seeing the world make real-life differences. Traveling abroad strengthens your ability to adapt. It teaches you to be more flexible and spontaneous with plans and day-to-day encounters.

These qualities make you a valuable candidate for jobs. Employers seek employees who can find common ground in conversation and adapt to ever-changing company and client needs.

Visit the Study Abroad webpage for more information.

Global Awareness Program

The Global Awareness Program will help you enhance your understanding of the world and open you up to international experiences. Moreover, it can:

  • Enhance your JCCC transcript with Global Awareness Program recognition.
  • Leverage your learning of cultural and societal issues.
  • Improve your ability to work with people from other cultures.
  • Help you gain a greater intercultural competency for academic and professional benefits.
  • Enhance your resume.

To find more about this program, visit: https://www.jccc.edu/academics/credit/international-education/global-awareness/

Partners in the Parks

Partners in the Parks is an outdoor experiential learning program sponsored by the National Collegiate Honors Council. Partners in the Parks projects at national parks across the country offer unique opportunities for collegiate honors students and faculty to visit areas of the American landscape noted for their beauty, significance, and lasting value. Seminars led by university faculty and park personnel will include historical, scientific, cultural, and other important areas unique to a given park. Projects will take advantage of exciting recreational opportunities in the parks to broaden participants’ understanding of the overall value of national parks to our country and its citizens. Visit the Partners in the Parks webpage to learn more!