Honors Students


The benefits of a leadership experience in college are many. You will refine your ability to work collaboratively and network with others. Plus, you can earn two points towards completion of Honors requirements after submitting a reflection at the end of your leadership experience.

Lead a JCCC Student Club or Organization!

Accepting a leadership role in a student organization will refine your ability to work collaboratively and network with faculty and administrators at JCCC. You will also develop your self-awareness, interpersonal/communication skills, and civic responsibility. Visit Get Involved to learn more about the clubs and organizations at JCCC.

LEAD 130 – Leadership and Civic Engagement

Leadership and Civic Engagement is a course that is designed to help you develop your confidence in leadership. This course focuses on the study of essential components and concepts of leadership. By the end of the semester, you should be able to analyze leadership goals and standards and develop the competencies needed to meet community and global challenges in an informed, innovative, and responsible manner.

Cavalier Leadership Development Program

The Cavalier Leadership Development Program is an 8-week program designed to empower you to become influential in your professional and academic environments. Featuring workshops, guest speakers, and practical training, Cav Leadership will help you stand out as a capable leader, both now and in the future. Details about the program can be found here:

Contact Melissa Nolan, our High Impact Practices Specialist, by emailing mnolan13@jccc.edu or calling 913-469-8500×3570 to learn more!