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Pointers for Presentations

Effective Presentations: A Toolkit for Engaging an Audience

Refer to this helpful guide for tips about choosing material, effective speaking, and PowerPoint slides: Effective-presentations-a-toolkit-for-engaging-an-audience.

Pointers for Poster Presentations


  • Keep your poster simple. Offer just enough to have the audience clamoring for more. Don’t overwhelm them with too much information.


  • Use complementary colors, not matching colors.
  • Cool colors recede and are known as calming.
  • Warm colors advance and are known as aggressive.


  • Remember that “Everything that is beautiful is orderly, and there can be no order unless things are in their right arrangement to each other” – Robert Henri, art teacher/painter from the 1920s
  • Compose your work to best illustrate the idea you wish to convey. The eye should be led to the central theme.
  • Try to see both the negative and positive spaces of your layout. Each carries similar importance.
  • Use the appropriate font for the message at hand. For example, don’t use Spanish Round Gothic calligraphy for a poster about a high-tech product.
  • Limit the typefaces used in a poster session. The general rule is not over three.
  • You can use this customizable template for a 48″ x 36″ poster: Poster Template–The Effects of Plastic Consumption in Wax Worms 2.pptm.

How to Create a Research Poster: Poster Basics

Refer to this helpful guide for more tips about crafting a research poster: Poster Guidelines.