Honors Students

Park University

Do you accept transfer students in your Honors Program/College?

Yes! Students with 5-6 semesters left will follow the traditional Park honors path. For students with less than 5 semesters left, we are creating a new path to complete the program, so reach out for more info.

How do transfer students apply to your Honors Program/College?

Transferring students must hold a 3.5 GPA and furnish a recommendation letter from an instructor in order to qualify. Applications to the Honors Academy are available on our website.

Does your Honors Program/College offer a seminar or track specific to transfer students? How do you support transfer students in your program?

Watch for information on our new pathway coming out for transfer students!

Does your institution offer a Phi Theta Kappa scholarship? If so, how much may transfer students count on? What are the restrictions?

Yes – $1,000 annually.

What are your Honors Program/College completion requirements?

The traditional Academy requirements are receiving an HA or HB in the five courses of the Honors Program: HN250, HN299, HN303, HN304, HN410. The new pathway will not include all of these courses (for students with less than 5 semesters left).

Do you accept community college honors course credit or experiences toward completion of your Honors Program/College?

Transfer credit is subject to individual students in discussion with the Honors Academy Director.

What is the best contact for students who want to learn more?


What is your recommended application deadline?

There is no official deadline, but we strongly suggest contacting the honors director before your start date at Park.