Honors Students

University of Central Arkansas

Q: Do you accept transfer students in your Honors Program/College?

A: The Schedler Honors college (most similar to the JCCC Honors Program) will only take students in their first or year or entering their second year. Juniors and seniors can be considered for department honors.

Q: How do transfer students apply to your Honors Program/College?

A: Apply through honors.uca.edu/apply by April 1. Application requires an academic reference and a leadership/service reference.

Q: What are your criteria for selection?

A: For the Schedler Honors college, a 3.5 cumulative college gpa, essays, and reference letters.

For department honors, a student must have at least a 3.25 overall GPA, a 3.50 in at least 12 hours of courses required by their major, and have support from the department.

Q: How selective is your program when it comes to transfer students?

A: 50-75% admission rate

Q: Do you offer scholarships to transfer students?

A: Yes, but only standard institutional scholarships through the UCA foundation – nothing Honors specific.

Q: Does your institution offer a Phi Theta Kappa scholarship? If so, how much may transfer students count on? What are the restrictions?

A: No

Q: Are transfer students eligible for honors-specific scholarships or awards?

A: Yes if they are admitted to the Schedler Honors College.

Q: What other scholarships might be available to high-achieving transfer students at your institution?

A: Foundation scholarships and department scholarships

Q: What are your Honors Program/College completion requirements?

A:The Schedler program has goals of self-authorship, scholarship, citizenship, and leadership delivered through 4 Core Courses, 5 Course Minor (27 hours).

In department honors, students are asked to pursue a capstone class (or classes) and write a thesis – a research paper, project, performance, or presentation no later than the last day of instruction for the semester in which the student will graduate. Individual departments may establish additional or more rigorous requirements at their discretion.

Q: Do you accept community college honors course credit or experiences toward completion of your Honors Program/College?

A: Yes

Q: Does your Honors Program/College offer a seminar or track specific to transfer students? How do you support transfer students in your program?

A: Yes. We offer a mentor program, peer coaches, an honors advisor, and dedicated faculty.