Honors Students

Washburn University

Do you accept transfer students in your Honors Program/College?


How do transfer students apply to your Honors Program/College?

Applications can be found on the honors website.

What are your criteria for selection?

Transfer students require a minimum GPA of 3.5.

Does your institution offer a Phi Theta Kappa scholarship? If so, how much may transfer students count on? What are the restrictions?

Yes – a one-time, non-renewable $1,000 award for transfer students who are members of Phi Theta Kappa (May 1 priority deadline for fall start).

Are transfer students eligible for honors-specific scholarships or awards?

Applicants who are transferring maybe eligible for transfer scholarships of $500.

What are your Honors Program/College completion requirements?

Honors students can graduate with university honors at one of three levels of Honors credit by taking a specific number of Honors courses over the course of their time at Washburn:

  • Honors Associate – 12 Hours
  • Honors Scholar – 18 Hours
  • Honors Graduate – 24 Hours

Do you accept community college honors course credit or experiences toward completion of your Honors Program/College?

Yes – pending the approval of the director of the Honors Program, courses designated Honors at other institutions and transferred into Washburn University can count toward total Honors credits.

Does your Honors Program/College offer a seminar or track specific to transfer students? How do you support transfer students in your program?

The Washburn University Honors Program is very flexible, so there are no required tracks for transfer students.

What is the best contact for additional questions?

Kerry Wynn, director

When do you recommend applying to the program?

The priority deadline for fall is March 15. We will continue to accept applications after this date until two weeks before the beginning of the semester.