About JCCC Counselors

JCCC counselors meet with students to discuss topics and/or concerns they have about their educational, career and/or personal life. One of the subjects that sometimes enter into the discussion is problems students or their loved ones have with misuse/abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

In addition to talking with a JCCC counselor about these and other issues, students also have an opportunity to be referred to the Student Assistance Program where they can have up to five free sessions of service. This off-campus program provides consultation, short-term counseling and referral assistance.

Students can make an appointment with a JCCC counselor by calling (913) 469-3809. The Counseling Center is located on the second floor of the Student Center Building. Remember, we are here to serve you.

Please get in touch with us. We look forward to meeting you and hope we can work together to make your experience at JCCC a positive one.